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Would you rather diaper your baby's bottom or give them a bath?

No parent should have to make a decision like this when caring for their baby, yet 1 in 3 families will find themselves agonizing over similar situations.

The Community Baby Shower, a new UWWC initiative, will help ensure a healthy start for infants and young children, by providing baby basics to struggling, Will County families.


You can help us by hosting a Baby Shower! 

Gather your coworkers over lunch or host a party with your friends and families!  Visit our website for downloadable files of everything you'll need.  All items collected will be distributed to local organizations and local families!  If you can't host a "shower," a good ole' fashion drive will also help! 


Other Ways to Help!

1. Make a donation! 

Give individuals and families a "hand UP" in achieving self sufficiency and economic independence by making a donation to our Self Sufficiency efforts!   Current programs include: basic and emergency needs, Community Baby Shower, Hygiene for Humanity, homeless prevention and support, specialized case management including financial literacy, employment, opportunities to further/complete education, household budgeting and more!


2. Join our Community Baby Shower Action Team! 

Plans are in the works to host an actual Community Baby Shower Event next year!  If you like to plan parties and help people, this team is for you!  Please contact Sarah Oprzedek for more details:


Why is the Community Baby Shower important?

The average middle-income family will spend $12,350 annually on child-related expenses in their baby’s first two years of life.  -USDA report

The Poverty Line for a family of four in IL is $24,600.  This means, a family of four, with a total income of $24,600 (the FT equivalent of $11.83/hour) is considered to be living in poverty.

Poverty can cause stress.  Stress can cause both mental and physical health related issues.  For expecting mothers, stress can also impact the health of their unborn child. 

WIC (Women Infant Children) is a subsidized food assistance program that helps at-risk and poverty-stricken families eat well and stay healthy; however, this program does NOT cover baby wellness items such as diapers, wipes, baby wash, or diaper cream.

The nearest Diaper Drive Network is in St. Louis, and often times, ample time is not provided for local organizations to make the trip.




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